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Emerge Stronger From Covid-19: Say Goodbye To Debt!

Has the impact of COVID-19 reshaped your financial landscape? You’re not alone if you’re seeking a transformative change in your financial situation. The aftermath of COVID-19 has left countless Canadians grappling with financial stress, with nearly 50% admitting they live precariously close to bankruptcy. Recognizing your challenges, Solutions Credit Counselling is your trusted partner in navigating these uncertain times.

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Living Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque

Jun 4, 2013

33 percent of Canadians are Broke!

My eyes opened up wide when I heard on the Lang O’Leary show yesterday that 33% of all Canadians are living from pay cheque to pay cheque according to a survey conducted by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada. I say that living from pay cheque to paycheque is a loud resounding danger signal that you are either broke or short of money – and probably have maxed out your credit lines and credit cards.

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Debt Management Program and Car Q&As

February 19, 2013

When I start a DMP, can I keep my car? Yes.

In order to qualify for our special Debt Management Program (DMP) there is no obligation to sell your car. Unlike bankruptcy, you are not required to forfeit your non-exempt assets in order to consolidate your debts.

Can I put my car loan on the program? Maybe.

If you have an auto loan and you still own that vehicle, it is considered a secured debt and cannot be added to a DMP. Only unsecured debts qualify for debt consolidation. However, if you no longer possess the vehicle, or the value of the vehicle is so low compared to the amount owing on the loan, then the auto loan may be actually unsecured and it is possible to be added to your debt repayment program.

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