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Corporate Services

At Credit Solutions, we provide 100% confidential, unbiased credit counselling based on trust, respect and integrity. Our qualified Credit Education Specialists™ are fully trained, Government licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. We provide customized services to consumers and corporations in Canada.

Employee Assistance Programs

We all know a business’ most valuable asset is its employees. And in today’s competitive marketplace, gaining that winning edge means keeping your employees performing at their best. But did you know that up to 20 % of your employees may be struggling with financial problems at home? In fact, these burdens may be affecting their job performance.

Did you know that financial problems among your employees can result in:

  • reduced productivity
  • increased absenteeism
  • low staff morale
  • on-the-job accidents
  • more medical and disability benefit claims
  • and high employee turnover?

Credit Solutions Employee Assistance Programs offer your employees and their family members professional, confidential help before their problems reach a crisis point, affecting their health, home life and job performance. 

Learn more about EAP programs tailored to your business needs. Contact us at ac.snoitulostidercobfsctd@rsc 


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