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Get Debt Relief with Maple Ridge Credit Counselling Help

Our Maple Ridge Credit Counselling agency specializes in helping clients in the Lower Mainland and all over Canada to deal with Canadian debt since 1999. Solutions Credit Counselling Service specializes in Credit Counselling, Debt Consolidation and Credit Education and is the only independent agency of its kind in Canada working in your best interest.

How Maple Ridge Credit Counselling Can Help You

At Maple Ridge Credit Counselling we help our clients overburdened with debt to negotiate and settle debt obligations with their creditors. If you are having difficulty keeping up with minimum payments on your debt it is important that you start dealing with your debt problem as soon as possible, and that you do not borrow any more money before talking to us:

  • Don’t take out any more loans
  • Stop using your credit cards and adding to Credit Card Debt
  • Don’t increase your overdraft
  • Don’t take out a Debt Consolidation loan
  • Don’t secure any loans against your home
  • Don’t see a Bankruptcy Trustee – see us first

Maple Ridge Debt Consolidation Process Step by Step

  • Get in touch with one of our Maple Ridge Credit Counsellors by phone or book an appointment if you would like to come to our office to discuss your debt situation in person.
  • Provide your financial situation details such as wages, expenses and all outstanding unsecured debts.
  • After one of our experienced staff examines your situation we will recommend a Solution for your situation – if appropriate – one of our Debt Management Programs.
  • We calculate one monthly payment that fits your budget and lowers your debt at the same time.
  • Every payment you make goes toward reducing your debt situation.
  • We negotiate to lower the interest rates on your debt to as low as 0%.
  • The Debt Collectors’ phone calls should subside and stop completely once we reach an agreement with your creditors.
  • You forward your monthly payment to Maple Ridge Credit Counselling “In Trust” and we distribute it among your creditors.
  • You may contact Solutions Credit Counselling at any time to receive your monthly statement and outstanding balance.

Remember there are millions of people in Canada having problems with their debts, so you don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. If you are suffering under a burden of debt don’t hesitate to get free, professional debt help and advice from Maple Ridge Credit Counselling today by calling Toll Free 1(877) 588-9491.


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