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Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt is the most common form of unsecured debt in Canada. During the past decade Canadian and US credit card companies have been very successful in targeting low income families as their main client. In an effort to cope with a weaker economy many families tend to pay with a credit card for basic necessities thus adding more to their Credit Card Debt. This makes credit card companies really prosper as the less money you pay them each month, the more interest they receive. And the larger the Credit Card Debt gets the sooner families are not able to make even minimum payments creating a very serious problem.

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Reducing Credit Card Debt is never too late to start. Use our Credit Card Payment Calculator to determine how long it will take you to pay off your Credit Card Debt.

Today many Canadians have very little credit knowledge and have fallen into Credit Card Debt. At Solutions Credit Counselling Service we help you to reduce or completely eliminate those high interest rates, avoid bankruptcy and set you on the path of a Debt Free life.

If you find yourself struggling to make even minimum payments every month contact one of our Canadian Credit Counsellors today. We will discuss your “solutions” and provide you with 100% confidential, honest and unbiased professional advice. With our Debt Reduction and Repayment:

  • One monthly payment based on your budget
  • No penalty for defaulting on the program or early payout Interest rates may go down to 0%
  • Keep your assets, house and car
  • Avoid Bankruptcy and all of its associated legal problems

Secured Visa Card

Thank you for your interest in the Home Trust Secured Credit Card!

You have made a step in the right direction. This credit card is the only Secured VISA card in Canada and it will help you to establish your credit quickly.


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Speaking with a credit counsellor will not hurt your credit score in Canada. In some cases enrolling in a Debt Management Program through a credit counselling agency can benefit you because various Canadian creditors view this as a move in the right direction – the card holder is making a serious effort to pay off their credit card bills. Call Solutions Credit Counselling at 1(877) 588-9491 or fill out our Debt Consolidation Questionnaire.


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