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How Can I Get Debt Relief?

Struggling to make only your minimum payments, or not being able to make any payments and having your debt in collections can add a lot of stress to your life. This situation can lead to nasty calls from your creditors and even garnishment of your wages if they sue you. The debt is not going to go away on its own and could take a lifetime to pay off at this rate unless you file for Bankruptcy. However, there is another solution that could see you paying off your debts within five years or less- it’s called a Debt Management Program, or DMP, which you can create through a Licensed and reputable Credit Counselling Agency such as Solutions Credit Counselling.

How is it possible to get help from debt?

Our Credit Counselling Agency, working on your behalf, will contact your creditors and arrange a repayment plan, with reduced or eliminated interest, so debt can be paid off faster. You make only one monthly payment to your credit counsellor, which will be dispersed to all of your creditors proportionally. This process is also called debt consolidation. Solutions does not loan money. When your creditors sign the repayment Proposal, they will no longer be making collection calls to you looking to collect payments, or considering a garnishment of your wages. Solutions works with all creditors, including banks, credit card companies, telecommunications and utility companies, payday lenders and many more. Do you have an old cell phone bill – contact us now we can help you to get back on track.

Your credit counsellor will assess your monthly expenses and income. Then work out a monthly payment that you can reasonably afford and which will pay off your program debts within five years or less. If very high debts and/or low income make it unfeasible to complete the program within five years, your credit counsellor will recommend other solutions and provide direct referrals to other professionals. We are here to help! Solutions Credit Counselling Service provides free, direct Bankruptcy referrals if that proves to be the right solution for your situation. Or, Solutions may be able to arrange a debt settlement, if you have at least 30% of your debt available in funds for immediate payment. All creditors will consider settlements that are fair, and based on the actual facts of your current financial situation.

Why choose Solutions Credit Counselling over other credit counsellors, consolidation loan companies and debt settlement companies? Solutions is not another loan, we do not collect upfront fees, make false promises, or receive any commissions or payments from your creditors. Solutions credit counsellors work for YOU. Our goal is to save you as much money as possible with reduced or eliminated interest and fees. We help you make payment changes as needed, and we even provide access to Legal Counsel should the need arise. Not to mention, Solutions credit counsellors are licensed and bonded by the Canadian government, experienced, confidential and unbiased, operating under a strict code of ethics. We respect the dignity, worth, integrity and rights of our clients, regardless of their financial situation. We work with clients all across Canada and abroad who have unsecured Canadian debt.

Call Solutions today for a free, no-obligation and confidential consultation, to see how we can help you with your specific situation – 1-877-588-9491 or fill out our secure Quick Contact Form


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