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Choosing your credit counsellor!

We believe our Canadian credit counsellors are among the best of the best – it’s your financial future don’t settle for less!

Choosing your Credit Counsellor for Debt Consolidation Services Canada: Credit Counsellors & Debt Consolidation in Canada - Vancouver (BC) CanadaRecently, Canada has seen an influx of large American companies. These “not-for-profit” operations have been investigated by American authorities with results that question their desire to help, rather than hinder the consumer.

We are 100% Canadian owned our offices and staff are located right here, in Canada.

All of our credit counsellors are highly trained debt professionals and licensed by the Provincial Government for your protection.

Insist on having a Canadian credit counsellor help you with your debt problems – someone that truly understands the credit industry in Canada. Work with us at Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc.™ ( We are trusted by Canadian consumers and have earned the respect of your creditors.

We understand the selection of your credit counsellor is critically important, as one requires a caring, professional organization, which will strongly advocate their client’s position in every area, such as education, debt management, debt reduction and personal financial advice, all delivered in a timely manner.

All legitimate credit counsellors are licensed in the province in which they are based, and must provide a bond or surety to safeguard funds held in their trust account on behalf of clients. These trust accounts are audited annually for provincial government agencies. It is critical for your protection to ensure that your credit counsellor is duly licensed.

Choosing your Credit Counsellor for Debt Consolidation Services Canada: Credit Counsellors & Debt Consolidation in Canada - Vancouver (BC) CanadaBefore accepting services, consider your needs carefully. Do you need an agency that will represent only you to your creditors? Do you need an agency that will provide you with budgetary suggestions, and a strenuous review of your situation?

All of these matters must be thoughtfully measured. As well, you should review the form of credit counsellor you will retain. Basically, there are two “types” of agencies, so called “non-profit” and “independent”. The former is funded in large part by the very creditors that you owe the money to. Funded by way of a programme known as “fairshare” which is a commission-based structure, while the “independent”  agency Solutions acts only for, and is funded solely by its clients.

Ideally, your credit counsellor will be a member of a professional association such as the Canadian Association of Independent Credit Counselling Agencies, which requires high standards of conduct from its members.

In summary, ensure that your credit counsellor provides you with information that is tailored to your needs and is given strictly on your behalf, is properly licensed and audited annually.

Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc™ ( is an independent Canadian Debt Repayment Agency that you can trust and meets all of the requirements listed above.


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