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Get Debt Relief with Ontario Credit Counselling Assistance

Solutions Credit Counselling Service is Canadian owned and operated independent Credit Counselling agency. We have been trusted by Canadians in providing Debt Management, Credit Education and Credit Counselling Services since 1999. Our President Margaret Johnson has over 36 years of experience in the credit industry.

Ontario Credit Counselling services the following areas:

  • Toronto Credit Counselling
  • Ottawa Credit Counselling
  • Hamilton Credit Counselling
  • Mississauga Credit Counselling
  • Kitchener Credit Counselling

Quick Facts About Solutions Credit Counselling – Your Ontario Debt Consolidation and Credit Counselling Agency

  • We are Government licensed and bonded to operate in Canada
  • Our Canadian Credit Counsellors are highly trained Credit Education Specialists™
  • We offer free Credit Counselling in addition to Debt Consolidation Services
  • We work only for You and are funded by our clients – You
  • Your creditors know, respect and work with us

How to Do Ontario Debt Consolidation and Become Debt Free

  • Contact Solutions Credit Counselling Service by calling Toll Free 1(877) 588-9491 or filling out the Debt Consolidation Questionnaire.
  • One of our Canadian Credit Counsellors will analyze your income, expenses and any outstanding debts. Once it has been determined a Debt Management Program is your best Solution.
  • We contact your creditors and negotiate to lower interest rates and monthly payments on your outstanding debts.
  • Once we come to an agreement with your creditors the Debt Collectors’ phone calls will stop.
  • You submit one monthly payment to us “In Trust” and we disburse it to your creditors.
  • You may receive your monthly statement and outstanding balance at any time by contacting our Ontario Credit Counselling Agency or by sending an email to ac.snoitulostidercobfsctd@rsc .

If you find yourself struggling to make even the minimum payments on your debt you need professional help! Don’t wait!

Contact Solutions Credit Counselling to Get Your Free Ontario Credit Counselling Advice Today.


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