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It’s All About the Money


engage, explore, evolve

 Potential: (adj.) Capable of being but not yet in existence. (Noun)The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being.

What is it – that something that you are looking forward to?” What is the common ground between this question and my time spent interviewing Margaret Johnson for this column?

The wise teen poising the question set out to deliver the message that no matter our age, individuals need something to dream for, to look forward to and aim toward the stars for. Children are thrilled at the mere thought of new possibilities each moment of their day. They carry themselves with wild abandonment in the pursuit of the next experience. This type of energy is brilliant. Those who witness it in adults invariably ask “What is it about her that she exudes such vibrancy and verve for life?” Margaret Johnson is in the business of guiding individuals to leverage their debt, so they can literally buy back their freedom and regain belief in the dream for new possibilities, for owning more of their potential.

Margaret is, engaging, compassionate and one of the best listeners I have ever come across. She has built a national clientele on the premise of listening to one client at a time to determine tailored solutions for their debt and credit challenges. She is a rare bird in her non-judgmental approach to clients arriving at her door with a mountain of debt. “It only takes one major life crisis to take an otherwise financially healthy individual down into a dark, deep hole of despair”. Her favorite saying is “It’s not about the money; it’s all about the money”. She believes that fear crafted this statement. “We would like to think that life and happiness are not about money. The reality is, it is all about the money. For those who do not have it, there is not too much peace, safety or rest because they worry all the time – life without money is a struggle and difficult. The statement means something different to every person. Being alive is about survival – money or lack thereof. More money doesn’t translate into more happiness but individuals with money are less fearful for the basic things in life. This affords them the luxury of space and resources to look forward to new possibilities with a bit more ease”.

I thought it appropriate to ask Margaret her definition of success given her livelihood.

“I define success as having the freedom to change. I changed through extreme adversity. I knew I’d be ok as a result of feeling more freedom through growing from change. I finally understood that I had the freedom to create my life the way I wanted to have it and not feel responsible or accountable to other people for what I believed. When you let go of being attached to worry associated with what others think, and you come to realize the only thing you are in control of is you, then you have the ultimate power and can set out to make yourself happy, and in turn, impact others – that’s success to me.”

I asked Margaret her sentiments on provoking clients to be more congruent with their present financial circumstances as it relates to fear influencing the outcome of their dreams.

”We strive to give each client an education because it translates into awareness and power. Something happened in their life that has driven them to find us because they are fearful. We take away their fear and replace it with knowledge which gives them the power to make other choices. When they leave our program, they are debt-free. It is a realized dream that they never knew if they could succeed at…Power is being able to make choices and see those choices through to completion. It’s about understanding the scope of choices, that all is ok as is, even if it is not the ideal. Power in this scenario equals one’s perception of personal safety which creates personal happiness”.

So, back to the wise teen Miss question. “What is it – that something you are looking forward to?” Teen Miss asked me this in context to what possibilities I am dreaming of beyond realization of my present goals and responsibilities which are in full motion – some to create a terrific lifestyle full of purpose, some, part of life’s daily necessities and some, dreams in process. Her question served to provoke me to: continue to dream big as I explore my future; to awake the bubbling excitement for who I will evolve into; to live with a purpose that positively impacts something way beyond my own needs; to capture the child-like thrill in launching new possibilities for myself and those I am surrounded by; to align myself with individuals who are constantly becoming.

In order to remain young in body, heart, and spirit, it is imperative to “look forward” and be engaged in new possibilities.

When was the last time you felt the child-like thrill when looking forward to something?

Margaret has 35 plus years experience in the financial industry. A leader in the field of credit counseling, a distinguished speaker and a respected member of the community, Margaret is known for her sage advice and her fight for the consumer. Margaret can be reached at her company Solutions Credit Counseling at 604 588-9491 or by email at ac.snoitulostidercobfsctd@nosnojhm.


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