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Why do some individuals manage to establish financial stability and wealth while others don’t, no matter how much income they generate?

Liberating your financial life for ease, momentum and choice is easier than you know. Our vision is to provide truth versus myths and proven practices for all things money, credit and debt. Your outcome? Tangible, positive change in all life areas toward financial liberation.

The Financial Liberation Program is launched with Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc.™.

Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc.™
Serving Canadians since 1999


  • Six-week program coming Spring 2022
  • Financial Liberation Assessment
  • Weekly Financial Myth vs. Fact worksheet, delivered to your inbox
  • Weekly Financial Practice to implement financial liberation
  • Enrollment into the Financial Liberation MoneyClub
    • Access to bi-weekly Financial Liberation Masterclass (recorded)
    • Private FB group to connect with others enrolled in the program
    • Live Masterclass x 75-minutes with founder, Margaret Johnson


  • BONUS Financial Liberation 2022 Masterclass
  • BONUS Invite a guest to one week Masterclass
  • BONUS 2 for 1 pricing for employees


$289 plus GST holds your place! Simply contact us to indicate your interest and we’ll arrange everything.

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Understand myths versus truths around credit/debt that no one tells you about


Learn how credit/debt can work for versus against you to change your money story


Establish value-based commitments for daily financial choices to witness positive change


Money IS good. ‘It’s not about the money, it’s all about the money’.


It’s not about how much money you generate but how to leverage and keep more


Be proud of the money experience you create


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