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Balance Protection Insurance on Credit Cards

December 18, 2012

“Peace of Mind” or “Waste of Money”?

Are you aware whether you have balance protection on your credit card or not? Often when applying for a credit card, the applicant is not asked whether he or she wants the protection, it is added automatically and assumed as wanted unless the applicant asks to terminate it. You may think the protection is mandatory, or even part of the interest charge, but that’s not so.

Balance protection insurance is like other insurance in that it’s benefit coverage comes with eligibility requirements, exclusions and conditions. However, unlike other insurance, you are not applying for it to see if you qualify or approve its coverage, you are offered it automatically and then it is up to you to find out if you qualify or if you require the coverage. Therefore if you do not take any action, you will be paying for it even if you don’t qualify, and even if you don’t really need it or want it.

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