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Debt Repayment Options

June 28, 2012

Are You Confused About the Difference Between Various Debt Repayment Options?

Financial hardship can happen to anyone and it is often unexpected. A loss of employment, medical emergency or a change in personal circumstances, such as a divorce, can quickly put somebody behind on their bills. With personal consumer debt becoming an increasing concern for Canadians, Consumer Protection BC (CPBC) has noticed a growing number of new businesses entering the marketplace offering a variety of debt repayment or “debt solution” options.

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Payday Loan Debt Relief

June 5, 2012

Did you know? Debt problems may be caused by using the services of payroll loans aka payday loans.

Many consumers that use the services of a payday loan company have credit problems, no bank account, a poor or bad credit rating, a lower credit score and are financially desperate. Payday loans are not the only, nor are they the best solution for consumers facing debt problems. 

If you are experiencing financial problems Solutions will help you to solve your payday loan debt problem today!

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