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Zombie Debts – Part I

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

People are surprised to find out that debt isn’t a simple thing. There are many kinds of debts such as good debts, bad debts, family debts, mortgage debts, corporate debts, government debts, secured debts, unsecured debts, consumer debts, statute barred debts and now a brand new one – zombie debts.

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How Credit Counselling Works


What is Credit Counselling

Credit Counselling is the process that combines Credit Education and Debt Relief through Debt Management Programs. Recently, Canadian Credit Counselling has seen an influx of large American Debt Settlement companies. Some “non-profit” Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation operations have been investigated by American authorities with results that question their desire to help, rather than hinder the consumer.

We believe our Canadian Credit Counsellors are among the best of the best – it’s your financial future don’t settle for less!

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