Peoples Trust MasterCardGREAT NEWS from Peoples Trust:

We will now send you a new MasterCard® card with a line of credit that you determine!

If you have had CREDIT PROBLEMS or NO CREDIT HISTORY, and you want your own MasterCard® card , just open your own PERSONAL SECURED SAVINGS ACCOUNT with our associate CDIC INSURED financial institution, PEOPLES TRUST. You will receive a credit line equal to 100% of your CDIC INSURED savings account.

Peoples Trust MasterCard* Your APPROVAL IS VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED if you are a Canadian Citizen or permanent Canadian resident, 19 years old or older, have a Social Insurance Number, a verifiable permanent Canadian home address, are not an Undischarged Bankrupt or the subject of proceedings deemed to be unsatisfactory to Peoples Trust and open your Secured Savings Account with Peoples Trust.

Peoples Trust also reports your MasterCard® account payment history to the major credit bureaus, so timely payments will help establish GOOD CREDIT.

Enjoy the great benefits of:
Acceptance and Convenience · Building Credit · Being Prepared for Emergencies ·
Instant Cash · Car Rentals · Hotel reservations and more.