July 27, 2012

With gas prices climbing rapidly in the last couple of years people are starting to really focus on the ways to save gas. Today we offer you 8 suggestions how you can save on fuel and still get where you need to be.

Use Internet
Before you hit the road, check the internet for places that offer gas prices. If you know you have to fill up on your next trip, go online to a website like www.gasbuddy.com or their IPhone App that shows you the gas prices in your area. You simply enter your location and get instant access to the lowest gas prices around you.

One of the easiest ways of all to save gas is to carpool. Not everyone likes carpooling, but with gas prices going up and not appearing to slow down any time soon more people are open to the idea. The best way to go about carpooling is to find several other people who work with you that would be interested. You can have up to four or five people, depending on the vehicles people drive. This allows everyone to drive every fourth or fifth week, which is pretty good when you think of the price of gas. Carpooling also saves your time by allowing the use of HOV lanes. Be sure to check with your car insurance provider to see if they require you to register your carpooling.

Combine Trips
Many of us go to the grocery store and then back home. Then, an hour or two later we remember that we need to run out and pick up something else and so on and so forth. Over the course of a year, this adds up to a lot of wasted gas. That is why it is so important to make a list of everything you need to do in the period of a week and try to do it all at once. Take a Saturday, for example, and run all of your errands. It will free up time the rest of the week and allow you to make the best use of gas.

Getting regular tune-ups are really important as far as gas saving goes. Keeping your car in the best condition possible will allow you to get the best gas mileage. This will save you money in the long run because your car will be in better condition, you will get better gas mileage, and you will see more money in your bank account!

Stay Away from the Freeways
If you are on a road trip or you are in desperate need to fill up, make sure that you avoid the gas stations on the freeways. These stations are generally a little higher than a station off the road. If you simply travel down the road for a mile or so, you'll probably find a station that's a few cents cheaper. It may not sound like a lot but it does add up.

Find Cash Only Stations
Believe it or not, there are gas stations out there that only accept cash. While this may scare away a lot of customers, these gas stations are able to offer lower gas prices because they don't have to pay the credit card merchant fees. If you know of one in your area, bring some cash and fill up. You can usually save a few cents only if use cash. It's a win-win deal.

Check Out Costco
If you live near Costco, you may want to check out this type of place if you don't already have a membership. Most of these warehouse clubs have gas stations where you can save even more on gas. A membership at this type of place is about fifty dollars. So not only can you save on gas, you can save on food as well.

Turn Off Airconditioning
If you are really trying to save gas then stop using the air conditioning in your car. This is especially challenging during the summer months, but doing so could really save you a lot of gas. When you are on a tight budget every penny counts and not using the AC will really help in the long run.

These are just a few ways to help you save gas while gas prices are soaring. In addition, if you incorporate them into your daily life you will be able to really save a lot of money over the course of your lifetime. So, take advantage of the expensive gas prices and learn to start saving. It is better for your bank account and for the planet!

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