May 23, 2012

Does anyone remember when cablevision was $5.00 per month and the telephone $12.00 per month? I do. And you know what? Those were the days before internet and high speed connections, or, in other words, before technology – as in email, ebooks, cell phones, iTunes and the zillion applications and other devices that go along with it – all costing more and more money.

Technology may have liberated us from manual repetitive labour but it has created a new obsessive-compulsive monster that costs a lot of money to feed. And, this monster is us.

We’re starving for add-ons, the newest software releases, and more and more information. We must check our emails, Facebook, Twitter accounts at all times, no matter where we are or what time it is.

This is our brave new world. Controlled and dominated by the very technology we created to free us from the chains of the past – hallelujah – but we are now chained to this freedom – to constantly look for information, gossip, shopping deals, specials, trips, friends, old high school reunions. We’re so busy commenting and sharing information that we have overlooked the dent all of this puts into our bank accounts. We haven’t noticed that the costs have been creeping up and up – a nickel here, a dime there, $4.99 for this and $0.99 for that.

Cell phones have jumped onto the list in a big way as these monthly costs frequently exceed $100.00 per month for each one.

Hydro and gas still siphon off over $100.00 per month if amortized over 12 months.

An additional utility tax is levied against property owners which arrives around March each year. Last year my utility tax had risen to $800.00.

The main reason we bypass a direct look at utility expenses is because we use technology to pay for them – isn’t electronic money fun? Credit cards rule supreme.

Utilities today are a significant and complicated category for households. The list is as follows but is still growing:

  • Cable TV
  • Internet
  • Home Telephone (voice mail, call forward etc.)
  • Cell Phone #1 - (monthly fee, long distance, call forward, internet)
  • Cell Phone #2 - (monthly fee, long distance, call forward, internet)
  • Cell Phone #3 (monthly fee, long distance, call forward, internet)
  • Hydro
  • Gas (Oil)
  • Water Utility (annual utility tax for property owners)
  • Other

So, when we complete our family budget we have to examine closely our telecommunication expenses, heating, hydro, television and remember to pay the credit card purchases off within 30 days.

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