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BC Credit Counselling Can Set You on a Path of a Debt Free Life Again

At Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc. we pride ourselves in providing unbiased Credit Counselling, Debt Consolidation and Credit Education services. Our BC Credit Counselling Agency is Canadian owned and operated company with head office located in the Lower Mainland. For the past 13 years we have been helping Canadians to become Debt Free through our Debt Management Program. Our President Margaret Johnson and the entire team at Solutions Credit Counselling have over 80 years of combined experience in helping clients to find Solutions to their debt problem.

BC Credit Counselling Agency Offers Debt Consolidation Services All Over British Columbia Including:

About Your BC Credit Counselling and Debt Consolidation Agency

  • We are licensed and bonded in Canada
  • Our staff consists of highly knowledgeable professionals about the Canadian credit industry
  • We offer complimentary Credit Counselling session before joining our Debt Management Program
  • Our only client is YOU and we work only for YOU
  • All Canadian creditors know us and work with us

BC Debt Consolidation Process Step by Step

  • Complete our Debt Consolidation Questionnaire or call Toll Free 1(877) 588-9491.
  • Provide you financial situation details such as income, expenses and total amount you owe on your unsecured debts.
  • After we analyze your situation we will recommend the most suitable Debt Management Program for you.
  • Our experienced Credit Counsellor negotiates to lower interest rates and monthly payments with your creditors on your behalf.
  • The Debt Collectors’ phone calls should stop at that point.
  • You submit agreed upon amount to us “In Trust” and we disburse it to your creditors each month.
  • You may contact our BC Credit Counselling office at any time to receive your monthly statement and outstanding balance.

Contact Solutions Credit Counselling today for an unbiased confidential BC Credit Counselling advice Toll Free 1(877) 588-9491.


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